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Some people achieve a top 10 placement in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Why?

Simple. The first group selected keywords that many people are searching on, and the second did not!

Wordtracker helps you choose the right internet marketing keywords that will help your search engine placement and ranking. Use Wordtracker for keyword research. Web marketing is all about search engine ranking, and that starts with the proper internet marketing keywords. Get a free keyword report and web site promotion information!

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Discover the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket!

"I wanted to say how invaluable your resource is for researching proper placement on the web. Your service has now saved me and my staff thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. "

Lee Erickson

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Tell me more:
1. We compile a database of terms that people search for. You enter some keywords, and we tell you how often people search for them, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords.

Wordtracker helps you find all
keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.

You'll find out how popular these keywords really are.

Then for each major search engine, we'll show you the chances of making the top 10.

2. You need related keywords to take advantage of other keywords that mean the same thing. You'll end up with a lot more traffic.

What will I get if I enter 'GOLF'?

tee time
tiger wood
us open
golf vacation
british open
golf clubs
300 related words per search ...

3. Once you have found all the words that relate to your business, you can check these words in our popularity database. Click on golf to receive:

*Count Keyword
1902 golf
810 golf clubs
351 golf equipment
320 golf courses
205 used golf clubs
up to 500 keywords for each search..

*Count - Number of times the word has appeared in our database

4. Capitalise on misspellings.

golf clugs
golf glubs
golf equiptment
golf eqipment

This is great for finding niches. No-one on the net really targets misspellings. How can they? They don't know what they are.

5. Find the balance between the total number of competing web pages for each search engine, and popularity of the search term. Then attack the niches!

Keyword Count Competing
golf pics 20 122
discout golf clubs 76 173
calloway golf 30 387
used golf carts 20 545

Take "discount golf clubs". Many people are typing this phrase into the engines and there are ONLY 173 competing web pages in Altavista. Available for all of the top search engines.

6. "Well, I'm happy to report that since subscribing to Wordtracker, I've been able to throw 90% of my previous strategy out the window. Your Wordtracker reports provide me with the irrefutable data I need to make great keyword choices every time.

I now use Wordtracker as the very first step in creating a new web site--even before choosing the domain name."

Kirk VandenBerghe
HeartCore Corporation


Something that would have taken you days - even weeks - now takes 30 minutes!

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